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Stamps Industrial Marking Equipment ATM Scanners
Hand Stamps jetStamp graphic 970 Scan modules for self-service kiosks
Electric Stamps REINER 940 Desktop Scanners
  speed-i-Jet 798 VoucherScan
  jetStamp 990 (formerly 790MP/792MP) Self-Service Kiosks
  jetStamp 1025  

Catalogue - Hand Stamps

Catalogue - Electric Stamps






Catalogue - jetStamp graphic 970

Catalogue - REINER 940

Catalogue - speed-i-Jet 798

Catalogue - jetStamp 990

Catalogue - jetStamp 1025



Catalogue - ATM Scanner

  Hand Stamps
Mail Dater (more ...)
    Known for their solid design REINER Mail Daters are in use all over the world. Different date combinations and sizes of text engravings in compliance with national standards are available. Special stamp pad Model 123 completes this product line.
  Electric Stamps
Electric Stamps without Textplate (more ...)
    Discover the world of REINER electric stamps without text plates. Choose your stamp from a wide range of products. All models print date, time and number. All of these functions work automatically. There are standard text messages stored in the stamps to be added to the imprint. Depending on the model there are one line prints or two line prints available. Model 790MP can print on plastic or metal with its special software and cartridge.
Industrial Marking Equipment
    jetStamp graphic 970
    REINER 940
    speed-i-Jet 798
    jetStamp 990 (formerly 790MP/792MP)
jetStamp 1025
ATM Scanners
  ATM Scanners
Scan modules for self-service kiosks (more ...)

Integrating Scanners in ATMs and Kiosks has never been easier:

REINER provides a variety of scanner models for easy ATM & Kiosk integration. No matter what your software environment is, REINER provides the right drivers and interfaces for a reliable and stable software integration. REINER always supports you with the right tools.

Non-Stop Availability

REINER scanners are robust and reliable, giving your deployments the highest levels of availability and user satisfaction.

Excellent Support and Service

Working closely with you, we help to solve any issues which may arise from your initial integration of our scanners through to productive operations.

REINER: Quality, Innovation, Partnership

Just give us a try!

Scan modules for self-service kiosks

Desktop Scanners (more ...)

Clean scans in record time

A straight and simple paper path allows high scanning speed. Rapid processing and good scanning performance increase your productivity. This means time savings, which you may use for other activities, e.g. sales at the front desk.


VoucherScan - made for professionals (more ...)

Secure scanning - Scanners and scanning modules for cheques and vouchers

Easy capture and billing for all kinds of vouchers Voucherscan basic was developed for middle voucher volumes in Hotels, Gastronomy, Retail and everyone accepting and clearing vouchers.
VoucherScan is a complete Back-Office solution consisting of a voucher image scanner and a software application to process, clear and administer all kinds of vouchers. Thanks to its easy user interface and the robust low-maintenance hardware, the VoucherScan solution dramatically
reduces your voucher processing workload. VoucherScan can be easly integrated into your own environment.

What we can do for you ...

  • fast and reliable processing of the vouchers!
  • big time-savings in handling!
  • faster payments for accepted vouchers!
  • simple accounting and book-keeping!
Self-Service Kiosks (more ...)
Electronic deposit kiosks to accept small documents automatically

The optimal solution for cheque deposit and bill payment applications. This kiosk accepts small documents like payment slips or cheques, by scanning and transporting the images and storing the documents.

  Hand Stamps
    Mail Daters  
      Mail Dater -  
      Mail Dater, Model 26 (Textplate size: round)  
      Mail Dater, Model 242 (Textplate size: round)  
      Mail Roller Dater -  
      Mail Roller Dater, Model 130 (Textplate size: round)  
  Electric Stamps  
    Electric Stamps without Textplate  
      jetStamp 990 (formerly 790/791/792)  
Industrial Marking Equipment
      jetStamp Graphic 970  
      speed-i-Marker REINER 940  
      speed-i-Jet 798  
      jetStamp 990 (formerly 790MP/792MP)  
      jetStamp 1025  
ATM Scanners  
    Scan modules for self-service kiosks:  
      Scanner RS891 - Single Feed Scanner  
      Scanner RS893 -  Bundle Feed Scanner  
      Stacker Unit RA894-015 - for up to 1,000 or 2,000 documents
      Stacker Unit RA894-030 - with lockable cassette
      Stacker Unit RA897-000 - for up to 300 or 600 documents
      Stacker Unit RA897-200 - for up to 300 or 600 documents
      Accessory Reject Module RR895-000
      Accessory Reject Module RR895-030
    Desktop Scanners :  
      Model RS900 - Front Desk Scanner  
      Model RS863/864 - Bulk Desktop Scanner  
    VoucherScan - made for professionals :  
      Software "VoucherScan"  
      RS900-Front desk scanner  
      Model RS861/862 - Scanner with Auto-Feeder  
    Self-Service Kiosks :  
      ScanCek Touch