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Stacker Unit RA 894-030 - with lockable cassette


Adds exchangeable cassette for RS 891 and RS 893.


The Stacker RA 894-030 drive unit is an option for both the REINER scan module RS 891 and the bundle feed scanner RS 893 giving a secure and efficient document deposit after the scanning process. Controlled by the scanner, it assures a reliable and orderly storage for up to 1.000 or 2.000 documents within the cassettes RC 894-1030 or RC 894-2030.

The cassette RC 894-1030 is lockable and can be removed easily from the stacker unit drive. As it is removed from the stacker its upper opening self-locks securely, enabling use with an unsupervised security transport company. Alternatively the cassette door can be unlocked for emptying by local bank staff. Any attempt to open the cassette without a key will show visible damage.

The mechanical integration of the RA 894-030 is fully compatible with the earlier RA 894-015 model.