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jetStamp® 990





REINER jetStamp 990: New addition to the successful marking equipment family

REINER jetStamp® 990: New addition to the successful marking equipment family

Fast and easy marking even on small, flat or curved surfaces - no problem with the new jetStamp® 990.

Equipped with a Bluetooth interface and the ability to print on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, the "little one" leaves nothing to be desired.




The REINER jetStamp® 990 is characterised by rapid speed and particularly handy use thanks to its compact size.

The smallest device from the jetStamp® family permits quick and simple markings on any smooth or irregular surface. Like its bigger siblings, the inkjet printer is characterised by optimal integration options: it can be used mobile at the respective workplace integrated into the production.

The integrated LC display shows the set print image easily legible at all times in order to prevent marking errors.

The robust jetStamp® 990 offers perfect flexibility with its memory options. Up to 25 customised texts or special functions can be stored in the device. Five of these slots are filled with pre-set example images at delivery.



  • Ideal for small areas
  • Also prints on curved surfaces
  • User friendly
  • Starting model
  • Quick imprint
Order No. Sample Prints A ↕  
Pos. 233 jetStamp 990; Order No.: Pos. 233; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 234 jetStamp 990; Order No.: Pos. 234; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 236 jetStamp 990; Order No.: Pos. 236; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 237 jetStamp 990; Order No.: Pos. 237; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 238 jetStamp 990; Order No.: Pos. 238; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm


Technical Data

Imprint: Number, date, time, text
Prints from: PCset graphic
Display: Display available
Dimensions (L x W x H ): 101 x 82 x 159
Dimensions base station (L x W x H ): 115 x 144 x 33
Weight: Approx. 520 g
Character font: 2 lines
Data transfer: USB, Bluetooth
Storable print images: 25 storable print images
Print technology: Inkjet
Max. print area dimension (W x H): 42 x 3,2 mm
Max. print speed: < 1 s/imprint
Print resolution: 96 dpi
Battery capacity: 500 imprints
Color: grey
Order No. 990 000-000 | jetStamp® 990 incl. case + ink P1-S-BK
Order No. 990 000-010 | jetStamp® 990 incl. case + ink P1-MP2-BK
Order No. 990 000-020 | jetStamp® 990 incl. case + ink P1-MP4-BK
Order No. 990 000-030 | jetStamp® 990 incl. case + ink P1-MP6-YE